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For 15 years Magical Mac worked to enrich the lives of children in need. Formally declared the oldest horse in America, Mac lived to be 50 years old (200 years in human terms)!

Mac's Stall

by Alexandra Makris, Ohio

McDougall (or Mac) was a large black gelding with a striking white tail and four white stockings. He stood 17 hands tall. During his earlier life Mac excelled as a performance jumper, at show dressage, and as a gentle lesson horse for children. Mac always had a calm, intelligent temperament.

Michele Davis discovered Mac one day in a riding stable. She was disarmed upon meeting him, as she could sense that he was standing in a state of meditation -- with his head lowered, his nostrils flared, and breathing slowly and deeply. When she bought him Michele believed that Mac was about 15 years old (she later learned that he had actually been 30 at that time). Thus began the unfoldment of the latter half of the life of this amazing horse.

There was a fire one day in Michele's barn. Mac, escaping the blaze himself, guarded a younger mare and her colt from bolting back into the flames in panic. When Mac turned 35, and throughout the rest of his life, he began serving children in a very unique way. When autistic and other-impaired children were placed on his back, Mac would go into his characteristic meditative state of profound calmness, and the handicapped children would begin responding by opening up and relaxing in various ways. Over time, improvements in their physical and emotional abilities became apparent. After a while it became clear that Mac's benign influence could be experienced by anyone. Mac's healing ability seemed quite intentional. He could sense who out of a group needed help and would approach that person and begin to serve him or her in his gentle and determined way.

After about seven years of giving this kind of service to people one of Mac's herd mates, Sere, also began displaying the ability to heal. And soon other horses followed. One day at around the age of 50 Mac was observed standing head to head with an elderly ailing horse named Yankee. Mac and Yankee stood for hours, nose to nose, in adjoining stalls. This was during the last month of Mac's life. Soon Yankee began to do healing also, and to this day both Yankee and Sere continue Mac's healing legacy at Serendipity Stables in York Center, Ohio.

Mac lived to be the oldest horse on official record in the USA and won many awards for his "Horse-umanity", all of which are recorded in "Magical Mac, The True Story of a Healing Horse" by Michele S. Davis and Alexandra Makris. Mac's web-site, http://www.magicalmac.com, gives more information.

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